Barn owls fledged

A thrilling sight: watching the fledgling barn owls emerge and take their maiden flights up and down the wide span barn. They don’t seem to be bothered by our presence. They find refuge in the upper steel girders and occasionally turn their heads through 180 degrees, as if this will render them invisible. The mother is trying to entice them outside into the big wide world. She’s been really active at times over the last few weeks – sometimes hunting during the day to feed the hungry mouths. We became really worried when she seemed to disappear for a few days; but apparently that’s normal and she soon came back. It was amazing to watch as she flew back with a poor creature in her claws, dived into the box, dropped the morsel and flew straight out again for more hunting. The landscape here must provide a plentiful supply of small mammals for barn owls so we hope we’ll see another clutch produced next year!

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